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The BMW Vision Future Luxury

This is the future of modern luxury.

From its revolutionary design to the inclusion of groundbreaking innovations in technology, the BMW Vision Future Luxury truly personifies BMW’s take on modern luxury.

Exclusive exterior design

On the outside, the Vision Future Luxury maintains BMW’s traditional design cues with its iconic kidney grille and twin headlights. From a profile view, it exudes exclusivity through near-perfect proportions and a precisely sculpted contour line. The innovative construction of the vehicle’s carbon frame features an unobtrusive B-pillar that further allows for the use of wide-opening coach doors.

Elegant interior design

Inside, the use of definitive lines and bespoke materials create a unique sense of flow throughout the vehicle. The elegant geometric design continues into the rear of the car to create a luxurious private haven for backseat passengers.

Advanced aerodynamic engineering

Together with the use of lightweight materials like carbon and aluminum, this vehicle was engineered for superior aerodynamics. Its air breather system works to achieve optimal airflow channeling while its coupé-style roof and sloping trunk lid help reduce drag.

Fully integrated user interface

The BMW Vision Future Luxury showcases its technological innovations through its newly designed user interface. Though the main wraparound display creates a driver-centric cockpit, passengers each have their own touch screen, which allows them to view information about the drive as well as facilitate communication between the front and back row seats.