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Mercedes Royale 600- the tuning of the year 2016

Mercedes-Royale 600

When you think you have seen it all, here comes the Mercedes Royale to ruin it for you! A Mercedes with the radiator grille of a classic S 600, with the headlights of an SLS AMG and the vents of an SLR? That is surely the oddest thing spotted in 2016. We are still looking for a reason why it was called Mercedes Royale 600.

Even though Americans are used to eccentricities, they  still gathered around it asking a billion questions: where did this come from? who made it? And most common question was: who is the owner?

Apparently, the owner wants to keep a low profile. We though suspect him of having some dismantle shop and probably he finally found something to do with the car parts he had around. Other than that, we can’t explain why this grandiose oddball sports somewhat of a classic radiator grille, swept back SLS AMG headlights, partially SLR McLaren front doors and side air intakes and also a “fintail” typical to the S-Class W111 and W112 generations.

It is though a bit confusing, since the shape of the windows and the profile of the roof, together with the interior details indicate an influence of the S-Class W222, which is the most recent variant.

Quite a parts collection trying to lego out what could be a tribute to the iconic Mercedes-Benz 600.

It was originally rumoured that the automobile might belong to Henrik Frisker, the famous automobile designer. But later on, the Danish entrepreneur said he had nothing to do with it.